Cellulite Calculator

Do you understand the true causes of cellulite and loose under arm skin?
FullyA little bitNot at all

Would you like a detailed medical description of the causes?
Not reallyPossiblyDefinitely

Are you interested in long term solution to the problem or just a quick fix?
Just short termNot sureLong term

Many women blame Cellulite and loose under arm skin for their choice of clothing. Do these problems effect what you wear?
Not at allSometimesAlways

Does your Cellulite or loose under arm skin prevent you from engaging in any sporting or fitness activities?
Not reallyMaybe sub-consciouslyYes

Would you be more confident if your skin regained elasticity and was much smoother?
NoNot sureDefinitely

Many women blame Cellulite or loose under arm skin for their choice of beach wear . Do these problems effect what you wear on the beach?
Not at allSometimesAlways

Do you feel comfortable in a Bikini on the Beach?
YesOnly if there are very few people aroundNot really

Does your problem sub-consciously reduce the number of Beach Days or Outdoor days you spend with friends and family?
Not at allNot suredefinately

Does your problem have any effect on your self esteem?
Not at allSometimesAlways

Would you feel more confident in yourself if you were happier with your physical appearance?
Not reallyNot sureDefinately

Do you think your relationship would improve if you reduced your Cellulite and had more self-confidence?
Not at allNot sureDefinately

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