It was not until an accident that took place in the mid 80′s with one of the cheerleaders performing at an event, that the discovery of AWT led to the treatment of cellulite.  The original invention was made by  renowned Swiss Company Storz Medical back in 1987.  These shockwaves are found in abundance in our environment and are now used for the treatment of cellulite.

Gallstones and kidney stones are two major diseases that are effectively treated in leading hospitals around the world with the help of shockwaves.  The shockwave treatment also has many other uses, and one notably is related to pain therapy.  Pain therapy is a process in which damaged tissue cells are healed resulting in the relief of pain to different areas of the body whenever required.

When these treatments took place, clients started to take notice of the improvement in skin tone, texture and appearance along with lower visibility of stretch marks.  As a result, a new field in the branches of cosmetic surgery was found and named, Acoustic Wave Therapy treatment for cellulite.

Storz Medical of Switzerland has been at the forefront of bringing revolutionary changes and upgrades to the machinery used for AWT treatment of cellulite.  As a result, the latest state-of-the-art machinery now uses sophisticated methodologies for treatment of cellulite by gently improving the affected area of a skin.  This in turn causes redness of the skin that indicates blood flow through the affected area.

The market is flooded with creams, diets, pills and other expensive programs and we are sure that most of you might have been faced with terrible experiences in the past regarding these methods for the effective treatment of cellulite.  If you want to achieve a long-lasting treatment of cellulite, then Acoustic Wave Therapy is the right answer for you.

Here are some reasons why you would benefit from our exclusive AWT therapy for improving your skin texture and removing unwanted fat from your body:

  • Developed by the inventors of AWT, Storz Medical in 1987
  • Reduces cellulite by improving skin texture
  • Guaranteed results after 6, 20 minute sessions
  • Improvement in skin elasticity and skin firmness
  • Stretches the connective tissue to increase its elasticity
  • Increase in the number of blood vessels leading to improvement in the blood flow to the affected area
  • Produces collagen, an active protein used for the freshness and firmness of our skin
  • FDA approved treatment, with little or no side-effects